Monday, August 25, 2014

All that I have...

This week has been full of hard work---I'm beginning to understand what all those people meant that told me before I left that this would be the hardest thing I ever loved doing :)

We spend so much time at the temple, and it is SOOO amazing. I love the Spirit that is there, just on the temple grounds. We gave a tour to one of the districts of missionaries, as practice and to help them know what it would be like when they bring their investigators. I love testifying that the sealing power is on the earth, that families can be together forever, and that, because families are so important, they must be "organized" in the temple for eternity, rather than in a church where other groups are organized for "time".
We go to the members' homes and teach them the lessons. Last night we went to a sister's house and taught the Restoration. I love saying the First Vision in Joseph's words. EVERY TIME the Spirit is there and testifies to me and us all that Joseph is a prophet. He saw God and Jesus Christ. It's wonderful to feel my testimony growing more rapidly than it ever did at home. 
Plus, I just feel the Spirit more clearly. I think it was yesterday, I was reading an Ensign article about the Atonement ( I felt the tingling and I thought "goosebumps?" but I looked down at my arms that the hair wasn't sticking up :) and I thought, the spirit is inside. I don't know how to explain that stream of consciousness, but, yeah. The Holy Ghost speaks to our spirits. Which is just so cool :)

A consecrated missionary gives her ALL on the table of sacrifice. At the end of the day there is nothing left to give. That is my goal everyday.
I pray everyday to be exhausted. Which might have been a bad idea, but He's answering it :) 
I invite you all to give your ALL to Him. I know it's harder in the real world where there are less than spiritual things to worry about, but I know that we can consecrate our every moment to Him (see 2 Ne 32:9). And He will gives us His ALL in return.

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