Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Truth In Every Way

Saw Elder Holland. He waved to us as he left the temple :)
I love getting to learn from President Orgill. I think he is the most inspired man I've ever met. he bore a VERY powerful testimony of Jesus Christ that touched me deeply. "He really lives! And He's coming!" Both Elder and Sister Anderson echoed that thought. He IS coming. Soon. We don't know when, but these are the last last days. I'm so grateful that I have a testimony of this for myself.

 I'm so grateful for the temple! I always come away from it more sure of our Heavenly Father's love for me and with a greater strength to go out into the world :) I can almost feel the angels surrounding us when we walk out. It's the best place on Earth.

Be A Missionary In Your Everyday Life

Such a cool thought that the Lord's army is getting younger and younger and that means there's more of us to fight against the Adversary.  
If you don't have a testimony now, get one.
The blessings of safety,  peace, and no confusion :) are indescribable. 

Members don't know how much the missionaries need them! If you DO know, then you should do something about it.
We want to get to know them and have them trust us, and we want to just share scriptures for like 15 mins when we stop by, and we want to follow up for a sec the next's really not THAT much! Oh, we also want you to have a missionary experience like some of the following: (ideas if you have none or are scared to do it)

-Say hello to your neighbors. If you do that already, go a step further and strike up a conversation. Or further, and invite them over.
-Give the grocery lady a pass along card
-Share an inspiring thought/pic on Facebook (it reaches millions)
-Go to the temple!
Well now, isn't that easy!?
I wish it was that easy for full time missionaries :)
I know you all are doing your best, but who can't be a better missionary?! I CAN! :)

A Chance To Do His Will

This week, I can really say I gave my BEST! And so the blessings came! 
 Heavenly Father could do this work by Himself. He is not limited in anyway. But He LETS US help him so that WE can learn and grow.
"What motivates you?" Honestly, I can say, I want to please Heavenly Father. Sometimes fear of man stops me, but that is definitely the underlying reason of everything I do!

There Is Always More Work to Do

What a week it has been! For our zone, we did a service week and they planned ten hours of service for us to do and then on top of that we did six more. It was a crazy amount and it was totally exhausting. We worked at a food bank and we watered plants at a nature reserve and helped a widow clean out her garage. And we helped a family in our ward move. IT was so much fun to serve and to build trust with these people, and to get more unified as a zone too J

This week has been a lesson in trusting the Lord…well, it’s always like that J Same with the lesson that Heavenly Father is so aware of us and loves ALL His children.

A Chance To Share the Truth

We gave a card to this guy, Isaiah, and he freaked out. “I have this exact card! I got one awhile ago when I was at the bus stop! My friend’s friend is a Mormon and I was going to look at it…it must be a sign!” Sister park was like “Yeah it is…God wants you to look at that website.” He totally is going to. J We kept talking to him and she was like “Oh and do you read?” “No, never.” “I don’t believe you. It’s the best book ever.” “What’s it called?” “The Book of Mormon.” “DUDE!!! My friends friend has that EXACT book!” “Well that’s great! It has the answers to all the questions you want to ask—we all have questions that we want to know, and it helps us find peace. You should read it.” “Okay I will, just because you said too.”

We watched “Missionary Work and the Atonement” ---it’s on You Tube if you want to watch it, future missionaries! It changes the lives of every missionary who watches it.

“Nothing was too much for HIM, let it be so with us.” (President Orgill)

The Lords Way

It's hard to believe I've already been on a mission for 2 whole months!! 

 We have been working really hard to eliminate certain things from our life and add better things in that will help us be better. And, boy have the miracles been coming!

"The Lord hastening his work. This is HIS work, and HE hastens it, not us. So. ARE YOU KEEPING PACE with Him? And changing the way you do missionary work? Because He is changing the way He does it."
                                                                                                         -Mission President

Living with the Holy Ghost's Protection

Well, I think that most amazing that happened this week is that we survived it :)
The whole transfer sped by and then this last week was so SLOW. Our investigators aren't progressing and we haven't found new ones yet. But we had a good week at the same time.

We focused as a zone on Family History--and contacting was so much easier. People are much more friendly when you say you're sharing a message about family history than Jesus Christ. We still got some mean people, but that's the way it is.

The church is true and the book of Mormon is the BEST!! I LOVE having the Gift of the Holy Ghost too! Yesterday Sister Park and I were talking about our baptismal covenants, and that's why missionaries can feel the spirit so well, is because we are LIVING the baptismal covenant, we just have to figure out a way to do it in the real world and balance everything else...still working on that :)

Loving The Work

We got the new Ensign this week. There is an article in it about readjusting to home life after the mission. I started reading it and looked down at the picture of the missionary flying home. My stomach sunk and I kind of shuddered as I started to think about that flight. I can't even think about it without feeling sick! I NEVER want this to be over!

I gave two pass along cards out this week through car windows! It was actually so much easier...they can't move away from you!! The first one was to a girl in the in n out parking lot, at 9 pm (dark) I walked up from the back so I think I scared her, but then I told her that I am a missionary and I handed her a picture of Jesus and told her I thought she'd like it, and that I wanted her to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love her. I hope it helped her!