Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Big Miracle

 (that I have been praying for!!!!!!!) came this week (Week 4 of 6 of the transfer! FINALLY!) We were doing our Weekly Planning session and wanted to have inspired goals so we were praying about each one. We needed to adjust our goal for new investigators from 3 to something more achievable...So I knelt and we each said our own prayers.
I have such a hard time knowing what they should be, so I told Heavenly Father that. Basically, I have no idea what I'm doing and so if you don't tell me, I'll guess and be wrong, our goals won't be inspired and there won't be miracles. I need a miracle. 
The thought came that when I want to speak to God I pray, and when I want Him to speak to me I read the scriptures.
So I told Heavenly Father I was going to open my scriptures and if He could give me the answer in there Id really appreciate it. I sort of thought that I'd look for a number and that would be how many investigators we could find in two and a half days, but then was like "No...there's too many numbers in there" but at the same time I was hoping to see a number, and that would be my answer.
I flip open to Alma 37:9 and start reading, it makes me think "1000!? No." Verse 11 makes me think this mystery won't be revealed to me. Then I read 12. My eyes jump to "one"---I read the whole thing, how God counsels in wisdom over all His works (me)...And so, we decided that ONE was the right answer. And we got one the next day!

Heavenly Father loves all His children and wants them all to know it and share it!
The Church is true.
Sister Hall