Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The MTC is amazing!

Dear Family and Friends!

I love it so much. I am learning so much about the gospel and about my purpose as a missionary to invite and help!
Thank you for your emails, family and Sister Selfridge and Christy Sauffley! :)
The Holy ghost is so strong here and I feel everyday that this is where i am supposed to be and that God is so aware of my needs--aware of ME. 

Sister Fetui and I were called to be Sister Training Leaders, did i tell you that? We are getting 4 new sisters this week and the 
"old" sisters are staying for an extra week for visitor center training---They are going to Winter Quarters!! (Sisters durrant and brower)
I have been doing great--I think we all struggle adjusting, yesterday was particularly hard because our new invetigator  Sarah . She talked the whole lesson and we didn't get a chance to teach her, but we were able to discuss it afterward (as a companionoship) and we decided that we are going to Be A Little "Boulder" (Our teacher Bro Kezele gave us rocks and told us to always remember that ---We know that is what she needs. Loving Sarah is my goal. Loving her the way her Heavenly Father loves her---not gettting frustrated when the lesson doesn't go the way we hope. And I do love her--she is SOOO sweet and SOOOO ready for the gospel, but we just need to be a little 'boulder' and tell it to her straight :) She is going to be a great Latterday Saint when she finally gets baptized----so faithful and dedicated to the Lord
Al is our other investigator--we started teaching him on our second day!!! He knows so much already about Jesus and is looking for how to come closer to Christ. He is so ready, and now is reading the book of mormon we gave him (prayed about it!!) and is committed to baptism for sept 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We asked and he just said, yeah, sure...if we keep come teaching him :) SUCH A SPIRITUAL LESSON!!! We taught him to pray and how to feel the spirit---to know when he's feeling it, yesterday we taught the whole plan of salvation (should have broken it up, but we didn't know we could :)) I love his yearning to learn---he's a sponge and I feel so blessed to be able to help him come closer to Christ.
My favorite time of the day is when we are reading the Book of Mormon together as a district or companionship. We start with a question and read slowly, stopping any time anyone wants to share some insight or some answers we get from the spirit --- you should try it! the spirit answers my questions no matter where we read, no matter the content of the chapter--- it's AMAZING. I have been asking the Lord a lot, how to be better, and his answer is always "Have Charity" and some reassurance that He loves me. 
I got a blessing this morning from the elders our second day and this morning. the priesthood is real. They said things that I needed to hear so badly--especially about Heavenly Father's love for me, it's more than we can understand!
We got to listen to a talk on sunday that elder bednar gave on christmas at the MTC called the Character of Christ--that He turns outward in love when we (the natural man) would turn inward. If we can learn to serve others when we have hard time, that is true charity. My goal this week is to "murder my district with service" :)   That is my other goal--to quit thinking about what I need/want. Elder Bednar said, 'Who cares about you? This is the Lord's work and the Lord's time--what you want doesn't matter" . I forgot, but remembered last night one of the answers i got about serving a mission-- I was sitting in the Rexburg Temple, telling the Lord all the very good reasons that I did not want to serve a mission. I opened the scriptures and it said "Lose your life for my sake, and ye shall find it."  

I love Heavenly Father. I love the gospel--His plan for our return to Him. I love Jesus Christ, and the Atonement. I know the Church is true.
Sister Hall

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