Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Write to me, please!!!

Oh my goodness! The day is here!!! Well...tomorrow it is :) But I'm getting set apart tonight.

Even just a couple of days ago, when I spoke in church, this still didn't feel real. Every hour of today I am feeling it a little more, but it STILL doesn't feel real. I feel calm and...ready. Which I guess is a good sign :)  I am just looking forward to being able to work and serve--to forget myself--"lose my life".

If you want updates on my progress as a missionary, they will be posted here by my family, but if you want to write to me here are the addresses: (I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!)

Sister Kaeley Rose Hall
2009 N 900 E Unit 143
Provo UT 84602

Sister Kaeley Rose Hall
California Irvine Mission
23 Lake Rd
Irvine CA 92604-4579


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